Nigel Bailey

Christien Anholt

On RELIC HUNTER, CHRISTIEN ANHOLT stars as Nigel Bailey, Professor Sydney Fox's buttoned down teaching assistant, who is recruited to assist - mostly against his wishes - in Syd's hunts for missing artifacts and treasures. The very British Nigel would rather be cooped up in a dusty library pouring over an ancient manuscript than traipsing the globe, dodging bullets and snaking through dank tunnels - but he's incapable of saying "no" to the charming Relic Hunter.

Anholt began his acting career ten years ago after winning the coveted role of Hans in the motion picture "Reunion", directed by Jerry Schatzberg and starring Jason Robards. For his debut performance, Anholt was nominated for Best Actor at the 1989 Cannes Film Festival. After making "Reunion", the film's screenwriter, author Harold Pinter, suggested Anholt for a play by Ronald Harwood called "Another Time", which also starred Albert Finney and Janet Suzman. In 1995, Pinter again tapped Anholt, this time to appear in his London production of The Hothouse, which Pinter also wrote and directed. Anholt received rave reviews for his breakout performance. His distinguished London theatre career also includes "The Lion in Winter" and "In Praise of Love".

For television, Anholt starred alongside Sam Neill and Judy Davis in the telefilm "One Against the Wind", directed by Larry Elikann. He was then handpicked by Steven Spielberg to star in the pilot "Class of '61". Other appearances include a starring role in Hallmark Entertainment's "The Ruby Ring" with Rutger Hauer and a recent guest spot on The WB's "Felicity".

On the big screen, Anholt has worked with director Franco Zeffirelli, starring as Marcellus opposite Mel Gibson and Glenn Close in "Hamlet". The actor was nominated for Best Actor at the 1997 Geneva Film Festival for the German film "The Harpist", and has starred in the British independent films 'Appetite" and "Preaching to the Perverted'.

A London native, Anholt lives in Chiswick, England.

Christien Anholt